KOKO studio owner

Kristina Oganesian has been in a passionate relationship with beauty and artistic creation for many years. She engaged in many creative endeavors until she finally reached her final goal and founded KOKO Studio, which today is definitely worth the title of beauty oasis. Taking advantage of her many years of experience and knowledge gained at the seminars in Lithuania and abroad, Kristina masterfully applies makeup creating little miracles right at her studio. She tries to establish a personal connection with each and every client to really understand their individual needs and expectations and to create different and unique makeups telling captivating stories. To achieve the best results, Kristina uses her creative energy which is no less important than her artistic skills and experience. All of this combined with her love for work resulted in huge success. Today, Kristina collaborates with the most acclaimed Lithuanian photographers (Gediminas Žilinskas and others), contributes to eminent projects and is much liked and trusted by numerous Lithuanian ladies in creation of unique personal image. The unique sense of fashion and immeasurable desire to create beauty is what Kristina wishes to share with you today.

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