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Absolutely, our courses are prepared in such a way, that a novice or an advanced user will find something to do. Our lessons are in separate videos, so that anyone can start at the stage they are comfortable in.
Well, firstly, signup, then log in, choose courses or subscriptions that catch your eye, pay and enjoy. When you log in, the courses that you have bought will be in your account, if you buy a subscription, you can watch any video you want.
Of courses you can! Le Fame gives you total freedom – if you want single tutorials – go for it, if you can’t live without them – choose a subscription and watch all the tutorials without restrictions.
We accept most payments: PayPal, WebMoney, Paysera, bank transfer, etc.\
Yes, but bear in mind, we want you to learn what we teach and we don’t give out course completion certificates just for participation and you’ll need to put in a little effort to receive it. First, you’ll need to finish watching a tutorial, then repeat it (sew a skirt, pair of pants, do some makeup, etc.) all by yourself, after you are done, take a picture, or make a video and upload it to your favorite social network (Facebook, Instagram, VK, etc.) with #LEFAME. When you’ll do all of that, let us know and if you have done everything like our teachers have shown you, you will get a new shiny Le Fame course completion certificate.
We are constantly filming, editing, recording and looking for new teachers and we are always adding something to our video roster.
If you want to see different tutorials, drop us a line a when developing new courses, we will definitely take your wishes into consideration. We love feedback and the more you’ll send it to us, the more chances that the tutorial of your dreams will be filmed.
We whole-heartedly believe in charity and donate part of the proceeds to charitable causes. By joining Le Fame, you will join our mission, not only making people happy, but making the world a better place.