Although the life of a modern woman has become as hectic as never before, the desire to look perfect has remained just the same. Today, making sure you look great and neat is a much simpler task because you can get all the information you need without setting foot outside your house. Don’t waste a minute of your precious time, kick back, relax and complete the Le Fame beauty courses online!

The courses consist of video recordings that contain the most important beauty facts, beauty secrets and tips on how to look fabulous every single day, be it a regular workday, a special occasion or a lavish night out. All you need is your own skillful hands. The online beauty courses are suitable both for absolute beginners taking their first steps in the world of beauty as well as those who have already mastered most of the skills but wish to brush up on some of them and refresh their knowledge. 

The secrets of ravishing looks and styles are revealed by our highly experienced masters of beauty and creative industries:

• Makeup Artist Kristina Oganesian

• Fashion Designer and Dressmaker Daiva Sesickienė

• Eyebrow Tinting and Care Specialist Ramona

• Eyelash Curling and Care, Hair Extension and Spa Specialist Saulyna

Our high-quality videos will teach you how to dress appropriately for any occasion, create your perfect image, do flawless makeup and reveal many, many more beauty secrets and tips. 

Let Le Fame become your best friend! Look stunning from tip to toe! Save your time, enjoy the company of our beauty experts and let your beauty shine through!

Professionals in our field


Tartan studio Co-owner
KOKO studio owner
Cosmetologist - Beautician