Tartan studio Co-owner

Daiva Sesickienė is a co-owner of TarTan Studio with numerous years of practical experience in the field of fashion design and pattern making backed by valuable theoretical knowledge gained as a student. Her everlasting passion for fashion design and excellent sense of taste motivated and inspired Daiva to strive for continuous advancement, from sharing her knowledge with her apprentices, to spending endless hours creating unique masterpieces, to the most famous fashion shows around the world and, finally, making her biggest dream come true and opening her own fashion studio. Unprecedented elegance, headstrong attitude towards goal seeking and the unique ability to closely connect with others became the cornerstones of Daiva’s entrepreneurial success. Today, Daiva is a fashion designer whose work is greatly appreciated by the most distinguished members of our high society (D. Ibelhauptaitė, J. Domarkas, J. Jauniškis and many others). She is rapidly gaining interest beyond Lithuania. Daiva does not shy away from cooperation with the Lithuanian fashion world stars (J. Statkevičius and other designers) and participating in both Lithuanian and international fashion shows and events to introduce new ideas and projects and bring them into being. 

Professionals in our field