Daiva Sesickienė

Sewing the pants

Sewing pants is a multi-stage process requiring great attention to detail. How to correctly sew and iron insets and how to take in a garment? How to add and sew pockets? How to sew in a zipper? How to incorporate a hemstitch? How to sew side seams? How to sew the waistband and do the finishing touches? Watch this video to learn everything you need to sew a pair of pants like a professional seamstress! 

About the Instructor

Daiva Sesickienė
Tartan studio Co-owner

Daiva Sesickienė is a co-owner of TarTan Studio with numerous years of practical experience in the field of fashion design and pattern making backed by valuable theoretical knowledge gained as a student. Her everlasting passion for fashion design and excellent sense of taste motivated and inspired Daiva to strive for continuous advancement, from sharing her kn...

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