Kristina Oganesian

NUDE daily makeup look

Category: Thematic makeup

Nude Makeup is bright, light and refreshing. It is excellent for any occasion, be it university or a business meeting. Would you like to learn how to do the perfect Nude Makeup in just a few minutes? Do you know how to choose the right base, mask dark circles under the eyes, accentuate your brows or lips and ensure that your makeup lasts for the entire day? Watch our tutorial video for all this and more.

About the Instructor

Kristina Oganesian
KOKO studio owner

Kristina Oganesian has been in a passionate relationship with beauty and artistic creation for many years. She engaged in many creative endeavors until she finally reached her final goal and founded KOKO Studio, which today is definitely worth the title of beauty oasis. Taking advantage of her many years of experience and knowledge gained at the seminars in Lithuania and abroad, Kristina masterfully applies makeup creating little miracles righ...

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