Daiva Sesickienė

Sewing tools - the basics

If you dream of having one-of-a-kind clothing that would perfectly suit your figure and fully meet your expectations, hesitate no longer and turn your mind to sewing. Watch our video and discover the world of sewing:

1. What tools and fixtures will you need to sew yourself? 

2. How to choose the right paper for sewing patterns?

3. What types of rulers and scissors will you need? 

4. Why do you need a seam ripper?

5. What should you bear in mind when selecting a millimeter tape measure? 

6. What should you use for pressing the fabric? 

7. How to not get lost in the jungle of needles? 

About the Instructor

Daiva Sesickienė
Tartan studio Co-owner

Daiva Sesickienė is a co-owner of TarTan Studio with numerous years of practical experience in the field of fashion design and pattern making backed by valuable theoretical knowledge gained as a student. Her everlasting passion for fashion design and excellent sense of taste motivated and inspired Daiva to strive for continuous advancement, from sharing her kn...

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