Kristina Saulyna

Eyelash curling and lifting lesson

Category: Eyelash curling

What could be more pleasant than the soft touch of healthy and carefully nurtured eyelashes as delicate as a butterfly’s wing on your skin? Eyelash lifts, strengthening and tinting are the key to luscious and alluring lashes. How to perform the eyelash lift? How to properly use silicone strips, adhesives and eyelash care products? How to tint eyelashes and care for them after this procedure? You will find out everything in a moment. 

About the Instructor

Kristina Saulyna
Cosmetologist - Beautician

Beauty is something that we must reveal and then carefully nurture!

Reveal your beauty and nurture it together with Saulyna.

Kristina Saulyna is a professional cosmetologist and beautician who knows how to read your skin like an open book, how to take care of it and what care tips to advise you for the future. She can arm you with everything you may need to reveal your beauty and nurture it to perfection. Kristina’s p...

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