Carolina Make Up Studio Beautician and Eyebrow Shaping Specialist

After all the secrets of impeccable looks are discovered and makeup brushes dance to the passionate tango rhythm in the hands of a makeup artist, beautiful and singular makeups worn by goddesses are born...

Ramona Kudzmanaitė is a beautician and eyebrow shaping specialist with many years of practical experience, and the winner of numerous competitions. She is a highly qualified professional who knows how to make everyone look perfect and how to reveal the secrets of gorgeous makeup to all those who yearn to learn this subtle art. 

Ramona’s vast theoretical knowledge accumulated during professional studies and at specialized training courses. She has dozens of clients, including famous celebrities. She has gained practical experience at the Carolina Make Up Studio, which is one of the most highly rated makeup studios in Lithuania. Ramona knows all the recent makeup trends, brushes up on her skills and knowledge abroad and expands her business in other Lithuanian cities. 

Do you need a unique and perfect makeup? Or do you wish to find out all the secrets of flawless beauty? Ramona Kudzmanaitė will guide you through the unpredictable world of beauty.